F11 016 Drought

With the drought, the salt marshes of Quivira National Wildlife Refuge have gone dry.  This, my naturalist brother tells me, is a good thing.  It allows for the dense plant life to die away, making for a much healthier marsh when the waters return.  I’m contemplating tonight how much this analogy applies to our lives.  We become choked out by all of our “foliage” – in desperate need of a cleansing drought from time to time . . . yet we fight them when they come.  I suppose this will challenge me for a while. I am listening to rain and ice hit the windows tonight and I know that the drought of Quivira is losing its grip.  Life is likely to return.  For all of that, there is beauty even in the drought exposed marsh bed.

Enjoy the picture and embrace your own droughts, for they bring life when we choose to suffer them.

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