Artist’s Statement

America, with her plains, mountains, valleys, deserts, and coastlines provides for a wonderful mix of landscapes. These places provide a great deal of photographic opportunity – especially when blended with the abundant plants and wildlife. Colors and light splash across these land features creating wonderful images for the camera to record. I hope that in these images you find meaning and an ability to deepen your appreciation for the visual gifts of our land and the present moment imagery that surrounds each of us as we make our way through life.

While the images come from all parts of the United States, much of my work centers on the prairie of Kansas, the state where I was born, raised, and live. Kansas is often viewed by outsiders as being very flat – a place to “get through” on the way to where you are going. Taking time to stop, look, listen, and contemplate the beauty of Kansas dispels these myths and opens one’s eyes to the vast beauty of the prairie.

A word about the photography is in order. I shoot with a Canon 7D body and a variety of lenses. Post processing is limited, in an effort to show the colors as they appeared to me. I do use filters in the field. While the camera will make some color corrections, I prefer to use a warming filter as one would do with film. In addition to the use of a circular polarizer, I use neutral density gray graduated filters (one and two stop) to allow for sky and back lighting conditions.

I hope that you enjoy these images. If you have feedback or desire to see a broader portfolio for purchase, feel free to contact me.