A quiet day in the Wyoming State Capitol.  What a beautiful building.  While it is Corinthian in style on the outside, it is a wonderful mix of western and mission styling inside. Continue reading Wyoming


Searching for water to photograph and I remembered the fountain at Bethel College.  An interesting fact is that my father made this fountain . . . and my uncle painted it . . . originally . . . . Tonight it was covered with bees and wasps looking for water.  Thankfully there is always the … Continue reading Fountain

Summer Sunset

This has been a summer of intense heat and little rainfall.  Being a Kansan at my core, I labor to find the upside to this dismal weather, yet found one through the lens.  Our precious dirt and the smoke from the fires of someone elses distress collaborate to set the sky ablaze.  A fitting, fire-filled … Continue reading Summer Sunset

Good Moon Rising

©Jon E. Friesen, 2011 Empty gravel roads often provide wonderful opportunities to sit and wait. Peter Watson, a British photographer, writes of the discipline of “waiting for the light.”  This theme, important for any photographer, was on my mind last night as we sat . . . waiting . . . with no guarantee that the right … Continue reading Good Moon Rising